Message: “Staying in the Game: Keeping A Grip on the Ball” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - October 7, 2018

Staying in the Game: Keeping A Grip on the Ball

Lose the ball, probably lose the game. So, “Get A Grip on the Ball!" Not so easy to do with so much confusion going on. How do you keep yourself under control? In real life it’s easy to fumble the ball. In the Bible, that’s called sin. There are lots of ways we do it, often not even realizing it. So, how can you “get a grip?” The answer is to be gripped in the grace of God. Holding our hand securely, leading us through the confusions and dangers of life… God’s all about that. The grace and truth of God are not so much things that we hold, they hold us.

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