Message: “Staying in the Game: Blueprint vs. Game Plan” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - October 14, 2018

Staying in the Game: Blueprint vs. Game Plan

You’ve got your vehicle’s GPS set for your destination. It will give you advance warning of your next turn and do all sorts of helpful things. If you continue in a way other than the original Plan A, you will hear “Recalculating.” Plan A is bring replaced by a new game plan. In sports, when the teams fails with the original game plan, a new game plan is in order. In our life journey Christians are given a guidance system. It is the Word of God activated by the Holy Spirit. Psalm 119 illustrates that clearly, stating “Your Word is a lamp for me feet and a light for my path.” When we pay heed to the Word and let it guide our steps in life, we arrive at the goal. But when we stray, it warns us and redirects us. Sometimes in our self-willed rebellion, we continue on the wrong path. But God persists. He will even “recalculate” and provide a new game plan. He summons us to repent, He forgives because of the cross of Jesus, and then the Holy Spirit’s voice again leads us on the right path.

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