“Living with Dysfunction” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - May 29, 2022

Living with Dysfunction

Sometimes things go horribly wrong in a household. Conflict, envy, abuse, even violence can happen in a home, and the Bible is not a stranger to these dysfunctions. The household of Isaac and Rebekah had its share of these things. The result was that each parent favored a different child in the Esau and Jacob twin set. These brothers did not trust each other and Esau wanted to kill his brother. Our family dysfunctions may not be so dramatic, but unhealthy tensions can diminish the blessings and joys God wants for our households. He has answers in his Word that help us regain more stability and household health.

Scripture References: Genesis 25:21-28

From Series: "Household of Love"

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