“Introduction to the Advent/Christmas Jesse Tree series” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - November 28, 2021

Introduction to the Advent/Christmas Jesse Tree series

The season of preparation seems to be more stress and panic than quiet reflection, prayer, and worship. 2000 years ago in the weeks before the birth of Jesus people were also busy doing what was required to survive in the moment. For some it was struggling against hunger, with concerns of personal safety and survival. For others it was all about their wealth and ease. But God had waited for the right moment in history to send his Son as Savior for the world that had gone wrong already with the first two humans. Now comes the hero of a rescue mission, not in the flashing speed and blaze of a superhero, but in the humblest form of a baby in a barn. This Advent, in reflective preparation for our celebration of the Christ Child, we will meditate on the theme of the Jesse Tree, the seed, the root and the fruit. When it seemed all hope was cut off, God’s hidden plan is progressively made known through prophecy and promise. There is hope and joy on the way. Let hearts believe and eagerly receive.

Scripture References: Genesis 3:8-15

From Series: "Jesse Tree"

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