“A Home With Everything But…” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - May 15, 2022

A Home With Everything But...

There was a couple that had such a godly household. Zechariah and Elizabeth, contemporaries of Jesus, had a well-run home and they were faithful to each other, to God and to the community. But they were unable to have children. The unfulfilled desire for children did not prevent them from living a full life and fulfilling the plan God had for them. There may have been an empty space in their hearts they were praying about, but there was no “God-gap.” God had a plan for them that took its proper time in unfolding. Their prayers about having a child were heard and God promised them a son who became one of the most important men of his time, John the Baptist, the promised forerunner and way-preparer for the Messiah. He was to call sinners to repentance and open their hearts to Jesus the Savior.

Scripture References: Luke 1:5-17

From Series: "Household of Love"

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