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Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - November 17, 2019

By Grace: Enlightened


People have said “That sounds too good to be true” several times when sharing the great news we have in Jesus Christ. It sounded too good to the hearer to be factually true that God would completely forgive. That’s grace. Grace is the greatest good news anyone will ever hear, and it is the most life-transforming truth one can ever know. Accepting the grace that’s offered in Jesus is a liberating event. What it’s all about is that “Jesus paid a debt He did not owe for us who owed a debt we could not pay.” That’s grace! Grace is a gift, unearned and not deserved. We can receive it, use it all and yet have it all. We can give it all away and have even more than before.

Scripture References: Romans 3:20-24

From Series: "SHINE"

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