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Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - May 5, 2019

Flickering Lights


We’re called to shine for Jesus. But what if our light starts to flicker? How do you remain consistently faithful when there are opportunities and temptations to be unfaithful? This spiritual challenge for us is the same for the ancient people of Israel. The fact is, they failed often and fell into a downward spiral. God was justly angry, and finally allowed them to experience the consequences of their sin-generated bad decisions. But He also sent an anointed leader to restore their relationship to Him and free them from their oppressors. Sounds a lot like cycles we humans go through. Even when we have been apathetic, compromising, and unfaithful God remembers his covenant of promise to us and restores us as we repent and return. The crucifixion of Jesus has paid the full price of our rebellion, His resurrection brings us release from the works of death and the Holy Spirit empowers us for a new life.

Scripture References: Judges 2:6-19

From Series: "SHINE"

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