“When People Don’t Get Along” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - June 26, 2022

When People Don’t Get Along

The Bible is a book full of conflict. Cain killed his brother Abel. Joseph’s brothers plotted to kill him and, instead, sold him as a slave. The Bible is a bloody book, with murders, wars, revenge and deep bitterness. The Bible not only reveals God, it reveals humankind and at the deepest level informs us about the core of the problem: sin. God did not take the attitude, “Just let them fight it out.” Jesus came to the rescue to clean up the bloody mess with his purifying precious blood. Placing trust in him transforms the self-centered ego toward the perfect life of Jesus Christ.

Scripture References: Genesis 37:1-4

From Series: "Household of Love"

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