Don Cook - July 19, 2020

We Belong Together - Part 2

How do we do life together in these crazy times? All of us are struggling with that as we go through a time that tends to isolate us and increase anxiety. In the Bible, the letters of Paul so often refer to “one another” or “each other.” Those words are often preceded by imperative verbs like love, serve, encourage, pray for. You get the drift. The entire Christian life is outward focused toward others. What is grounded and sourced in Jesus is expressed lavishly toward each other. The Christian life is one of generously sharing our lives with others – our time, our affection, our concern, our resources. Then, St. Paul exhorts, “Do not grow weary in well-doing.” Let your serving others be energizing and fulfilling, adding meaning to you as you add value to others.

Scripture References: Luke 7:36-50, Romans 12:6-8

From Series: "Eye Chart of Grace"

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