“True Light” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - July 28, 2019

True Light

What is light? According to Cosmos magazine: “Light is an electric field tied up with a magnetic field, flying through space.” Maybe it’s wrong. All I know is life depends on it. The TRUE light, the one and only light that can give light to everything is Jesus. We know that the Bible tells us that He is true God from eternity, born of the Virgin Mary as true man, and Lord and Savior. For millennia, the world awaited the promised LIGHT who alone could save the world’s population from its drive into self-destructive darkness. When history’s perfect moment arrived, God sent his perfect gift, the LIGHT, to our darkened world. “In Him there is no darkness at all.”

Scripture References: Matthew 1:18-25

From Series: "SHINE"

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