Message: “We Wish You A Mary Christmas” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - December 2, 2018

We Wish You A Mary Christmas

We Wish You A Mary Christmas

We wish you a Mary Christmas! That’s right. I meant MARY, not “merry.” Certainly, we want everyone to have a joyful, happy, merry Christmas. But Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, plays an important part in the story. She is chosen.She is favored. She is to be the recipient of a divine visitation. By the Holy Spirit, divine life will be born in her. When we consider all these things, we find ourselves with a parallel set of blessings divinely bestowed. We are chosen and beloved by God. We are favored with amazing grace. We are recipients of divine visitation as God chooses to visit us in His Word and Sacraments. The Holy Spirit causes the life of Jesus to be born, to be formed, and to be completed in us.

From Series: "The Heart of Christmas"

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