Message: “Staying in the Game: Training for Endurance” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - September 23, 2018

Staying in the Game: Training for Endurance

Life can be exhausting. Too many things going on. Too many responsibilities. How can we keep on going? If we push it too far and too long, we do injury to ourselves. Our physical selves need a balance of vigorous exercise, good nutrition, and rest. We cannot keep pushing ourselves beyond the limit and expect to be healthy. But we can increase our endurance and push back the limits through training. Our spiritual selves also need training for endurance. Just as in the physical realm there is a natural reluctance to overcome the inertia to do what we need to do, there is that in our spiritual selves as well. How do we train for spiritual endurance in the midst of a life of temptation and opposition? Feast your soul with the right nutrients: the Word and the Sacraments. Vigorously train for endurance by increasing good works that bless and build up others. Get rid of excess weight – sin. Set your spiritual mind on increasing your endurance, and then simply do it in the motivation and power of the Holy Spirit. Without that divine presence we quickly get out of breath.

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