Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - October 11, 2020

Sardis: Be Faithful Until Death

Sometimes things can look really good on the outside but be dying on the inside. There was a church like that in Sardis, and Jesus sends them an urgent wakeup call. “You’re in serious trouble and unless you do something quick, you will die.” Frequently doctors have to tell that to patients. If the sick ones keep on doing what they’re doing and don’t change their behaviors and attitudes, life expectancy drastically declines. A church can do that as well. So often churches do not heed the warning signs and go on with dysfunctional health-robbing patterns. Jesus warns the church at Sardis, “Hold on to what life and health you still have or you’re going to die.” Be faithful to the Message, the Mission and the Master. Cherish the fellowship! Keep the main thing the main thing.

Scripture References: Revelation 3:1-6

From Series: "The Seven Churches Of Revelation"

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