Message: “Reformation: Getting Back to Fundamentals” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - October 28, 2018

Reformation: Getting Back to Fundamentals

Reformation: Getting Back to Fundamentals

Games are won or lost not just on how talented your players are or how tricky is your game plan. Rather, outcomes are influenced more by mastering the fundamentals of the game. The same holds true in our spiritual lives. The legacy of the Reformation is a recovery of the Fundamentals of the Faith. They can be summarized by the three great solas (Latin for “alone” or “only”) of the Reformation. 501 years ago next week, a young monk, Martin Luther, started off this massive movement that changed history and the map of Europe. He posted 95 propositions for university faculty debate that attacked some glaring abuses that were tolerated in the church. One thing led to another, and the fundamental spiritual takeaways from the movement can be summarized as: Faith alone. Grace alone. Scripture alone

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