“Prayer that Saves a Nation” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - August 28, 2022

Prayer that Saves a Nation

Does prayer make a difference? According to the Bible, it does. There are many examples in the Bible and in history, even recent history, where people prayed, God heard, and God changed the course of events away from disaster. Our nation, and all the nations of the world, are in great need of prayer. Left to itself, history seeks the lowest level, following the inclination of the lower impulses of human nature. Sin has brought devastation and will continue to do so unless God intervenes. As we pray for our nation, God hears and God answers. He delights in acting upon the intercessions of his children brought in the name of Jesus.

Scripture References: 2 Chronicles 7:14, 1 Timothy 2:1-6

From Series: "Igniting Your Prayer Life"

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