“Pergamum: Where Satan Dwells” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - September 27, 2020

Pergamum: Where Satan Dwells

Church should be at least a little dangerous. Like out there where the real action is, not locked inside a safe fortress where there is no engagement with opposition. Jesus spent a lot of time with his disciples preparing them for danger and conflict. If Satan is alive and well, we should expect that he wants to retain his influence in the world. The ancient church of Pergamum lived in the heart of enemy territory. The influence of Satan was so strong that Jesus refers to that place as “Where Satan dwells.” Where we live, the presence and activity of our enemy may be more subtle but is no less real. Rather than cringe and cower, we advance against the enemy through the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Our weapons are mighty in God for tearing down strongholds, including the double-edged sword of the Spirit coming out of the mouth of the ascended reigning Jesus, the Word of God.

From Series: "The Seven Churches Of Revelation"

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