Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - March 7, 2021

Love Completely

We need to learn how to "Love Completely." That order is a lot taller than we are, so if that is to become a reality we have to lean on Jesus. His love was complete, leaving no one and no situation out. He knew that Judas would betray him, that Peter would deny him, and that the rest would run when danger arrived. They would not have his back, but all along he had theirs. He did not hate or reject Judas for what he was going to do. Jesus still offered the customary sign of fellowship with him. Jesus did not kick Peter out of the club but did what it took to restore him. Jesus even forgave the worst of the lot, the enemies who crucified him. When Jesus had said “Love your enemies,” he was not mouthing a platitude. He suffered the pain that forgiveness required. That’s shocking, crazy love.

Scripture References: John 13:1

From Series: "One Month to Live"

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