“Lost and Found – Part 2” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - November 21, 2021

Lost and Found - Part 2

This weekend we continue on the Lost and Found theme with a parable by Jesus about a son who is lost. It’s not that he is in a forested mountainous wilderness with no cell phone service to call for rescue, he’s “lost” in terms of relationship, his relationship to his family. He wandered off and soon found himself lost in the consequences of a series of very bad choices. The young man sick of home is now homesick and has no graceful way of getting back home. But when he turns his heart toward home his first encounter with his waiting father, he is met with grace that reconciles the alienated son with his father. That’s really about God and us, where He embraces his rebellious children with reconciling, forgiving love. I want you not only to know about it, but to experience it.

Scripture References: Luke 15:11-31

From Series: "True Life Stories"

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