“Jesus, the Root of Jesse’s Tree” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - December 5, 2021

Jesus, the Root of Jesse’s Tree

Genealogies are recorded in several books of the Bible. One can trace things all the way back to the Garden of Eden Of special note is the genealogy of Jesus. As we follow God’s story of salvation, the roots are important because they are wrapped around the promises God gave, already at the beginning. But there were times when it appeared that the roots were about to chopped out and the tree’s promise cut off. Our theme this season is the “Jesse Tree.” It appeared as though the promise of the Jesse Tree might not make it to fulfillment. God’s plans always seemed to have vulnerability and impossibility. There were times when God’s chosen people had to walk in faith and not by sight.

Scripture References: Genesis 22:1-18

From Series: "Jesse Tree"

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