“Friend of Sinners” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - September 19, 2021

Friend of Sinners

Jesus was eager to sit at table with any who would welcome Him. The Pharisees had a “stay away” philosophy regarding anyone who did not measure up. Jesus had a “you can’t keep me away” attitude and welcomed sinners, tax collectors, and other outcasts. He actually sought them out and hung out with them. His mission was to “seek and save the lost.” That includes us. We start out as lost sinners. Jesus seeks and finds us, reaching out his welcoming arms that once hung on a cross, through the Good News of the Gospel. He is willing to sit at table with us, inviting us to partake of the fellowship of his Holy Supper.

Scripture References: Mark 2:13-17

From Series: "God's Grand Story"

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