“Foundations of the Church” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - October 3, 2021

Foundations of the Church

To build a lasting structure you need a secure, permanent foundation. That’s what the New Testament teaches about. It is built on a foundation anchored by three piers. The first is Jesus’ Resurrection. Jesus showed those apostolic church-builders that he really had risen from the dead. He even showed his pierced hands and feet. He met with them over a 40-day period. So convincing was this, that many of the apostles died as martyrs. The second pier us the teaching of those apostles of Jesus, who fearlessly spoke and wrote the truths Jesus taught them. The third is power of the Holy Spirit who always accompanied and animated the teaching of the apostles. They were empowered to do the impossible. The church is not only build on this foundation, it is formed for something – a great mission. The mission is to tell others of the Savior and make disciples. The Holy Spirit is still available and eager to do this through the church today.

Scripture References: Acts 1:1-8

From Series: "God's Grand Story"

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