“Enter the King” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - September 26, 2021

Enter the King

Most of the people of Israel were expecting a conquering king who would rid them of the Romans and make Israel great again. When He enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he is hailed as king but it’s clear he is a different kind of king; his kingdom is “not of this world." He sought to conquer the heart by bringing salvation through a cross. Here is a king born to die. That was the plan from eternity. His death on a cross is the only act that could save us from our sins. As the sinless Son of God, he is the only one qualified to be our Savior. When he comes again in the clouds of glory, he will decisively defeat every power that sets itself up against God, including Satan. Then he will unveil for us the perfect world believers will enjoy forever, apart from all sin and suffering, in his presence.

Scripture References: Matthew 21:1-11

From Series: "God's Grand Story"

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