“Cross-Eyed. Seeing the Right Path” from Rev. Dr. Art Spomer

Rev. Dr. Art Spomer - June 21, 2020

Cross-Eyed. Seeing the Right Path

Everyone is on one path or another. Is it the one leading to life, or the one leading to destruction? To be on the right path you have to enter by the right gate. By which gate will we enter? Jesus calls himself “The Gate.” He is the only gate that opens to the path of life. The other decision point Jesus offers has to do with foundations on which we build our lives. The foundational choices are rock and sand. Storms are inevitable. When they come, which house will stand? When storms and problems come into our lives, which will stand? The answer of Jesus is clear. The house built on the rock. That means, lives built on Jesus will endure the worst that the world has to throw at us.

Scripture References: Matthew 7:12-29

From Series: "Sermon on the Mount"

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