Message: “Beware of False Coaches” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - November 11, 2018

Beware of False Coaches

Beware of False Coaches

A team depends on good coaching. A good coach is a motivator, trainer, leader, and example who seeks to equip players and utilize out the best of their talents for the team. Coaching makes a huge difference, both good and bad coaching. God’s Word gives examples of bad coaching (those who set bad examples and cared very little for the team) and good coaching. St. Paul was a great coach. He mentored people like Timothy, Titus, Silas, Priscilla and Aquilla among others. He showed them the “what” and the “how” of Christian living, leading and serving. Our world has more than enough of those who set examples of selfishness, abuse, crude behavior, and false, misleading worldviews. Be aware and beware. Above all, let the example of Jesus Himself coach us as we life our lives seeking to love God and love others. Peter tells us we should “follow in His steps.”

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