“A Gift Worth Remembering” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - December 20, 2020

A Gift Worth Remembering

God’s Christmas gift to us of a Savior is not only a gift worth waiting for, worth receiving, and worth understanding, it is worth remembering. What can we do to remember the gift? Our remembering needs to be intentional. A few hints: Let there is a cross or a picture of Jesus in every room of your home. Place a Bible where it is “in the way” and you can’t avoid it. Make sticky notes of Bible verses, especially your personal “Life Verse,” and attach them to places you can’t miss. Have a cross on your key chain. The devil tries to get us to forget the gift of the Savior. Be intentional so that Jesus comes to your heart and mind’s attention multiple times a day. Then pause, meditate, give thanks, and take in the reality that Someone thought of you enough to give what you’ve always needed. Maybe that’s a way of remembering that God remembered his covenant and his promises to bring forgiveness and new life to you through his Son Jesus

Scripture References: Luke 2:8-20

From Series: "See A Gift for What it Is"

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