“A Call to Commitment: Shaped by Grace” from Rev. Tim Dreier

Rev. Tim Dreier - June 28, 2020

A Call to Commitment: Shaped by Grace

“Getting in shape” is a huge business. What you eat and how you exercise your body (along with other factors) affect your shape. But there are other dimensions besides the bodily. What about the spiritual? What shape are you in? Undernourished? Flabby? Weak? What you take in and how you exercise will determine your spiritual shape. The more we get in shape spiritually, the more we start looking like Jesus. The key ingredient is grace, and that’s really good news. That means relying totally on what Jesus has done for us and continues to do. He does all the heavy lifting. Think of it: Lifting the huge load of sin, dumped onto His body, and lifting that all the way up on the cross.

Scripture References: Romans 11:33-36, Romans 12:1

From Series: "Eye Chart of Grace"

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