Men's Ministry

Men dedicated to the Kingdom

Over the next several weeks, the Men’s Ministry of Ablaze will be meeting on Saturday mornings from 8:00 – 10:00 am for food, fellowship and the study of the book of James from the New Testament. In five short chapters, James offers pastoral encouragement and rebuke to his people both in Palestine and scattered abroad. Since James is addressing those who already believe in Christ as Savior, he does not attempt to systematically outline the basics of the Christian faith for them (justification). Rather, his purpose is to encourage his readers to live the faith they profess to believe (sanctification). James repeatedly points out that genuine faith in Christ will always evidence itself in the believer’s life through fruits of faith – Christlike living and loving. After spelling out the practical implications faith in Christ has for their lives, he challenges them to put these into action.

Coffee, donuts and fellowship will be available.


The Men’s Ministry connects men with each other and with God through regular events, classes, and community. Men’s Ministry is dedicated to moving guys from acquaintances to brotherhood and creating a generation of men dedicated to the Kingdom

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