Guitars from God

Opportunity to Help

For millions of people throughout the annals of time, music has played a vital role in their lives. For some, music provides an avenue for creativity and the expression of their inner souls. For others, it provides a means of expressing joy and worship of the God that created them. For others still, it provides a place of escape from the otherwise troubled life that surrounds them. A place of solace where their lives can find peace in the midst of the storm.

Recently, Pam Nap, a member of the Ablaze Worship Team, has begun ministering to the boys who reside at the Tulsa Boys Home, a long-time Tulsa non-profit that provides residence, guidance, and instruction to 60 young boys with difficult lives and backgrounds. Pam is using her natural, God-given talents of musicianship and her spiritual gifts to minister to these boys by teaching them how to play the guitar. She is currently teaching 3 boys and has other boys who would like to be taught, but they do not have guitars to learn to play on.

The leadership of Ablaze Church, and the members of the Tuesday evening Cross Training Small Group see an opportunity here whereby the church family can support the personal ministry of one of its own, while also sharing the love of God and a portion of the blessings He has given to us to young boys who need to see God’s love at work in their lives. To accomplish this means of support, the church has created the “Guitars from God” project through which the family of Ablaze can support this ministry effort by donating either guitars (new or used) or cash that will be used to purchase additional guitars to be given to the boys at the Tulsa Boys Home so that they might participate in the lessons taught by Pam.

If you’d like more information or to donate a guitar please click Contact Us. If you’d like to donate money to the project please click Donate Now.


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