God’s Grand Story

Six-Week Churchwide Bible Adventure in the Old Testament


Find a Cross Training Small Group.

Have you longed for a greater understanding of the Old Testament? Have you wondered how all of the pieces fit together? Haveyou been confused about all those good kings and bad kings, judges and priests, desert experiences and messages of hope, andwhat it all means?

Welcome to God’s Grand Story: His Word. Your Life. In just a few short weeks, you’ll understand the big picture of the Bible, andhow it impacts your life personally. There are daily devotional readings and prayers that tie into the weekly Bible study. Together,we’ll study these themes:

  • Beginnings
  • Wilderness Experience
  • Promised Land
  • United Kingdom
  • Divided Kingdom
  • Captivity and The Coming Kingdom

God’s Grand Story is the story of God’s work to redeem, restore, and renew His people. Step into His Story with us. The Walk Thru the New Testament Live Event will serve as a launch for theGod’s Grand Story: A Six-Week Churchwide Bible Adventure inthe Old Testament. Join us…you’ll be glad you did!


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