Lighting the Way

By: Dr. Spomer, Campus Pastor

Moving into our new place reminded me of a great story I heard about when a small village decided to build a new church.  They wanted a beautiful building, worthy of Holy and Almighty God, so they hired the best architect to design it and utilized the finest of materials.  Finally, it was all finished and when the people assembled there for the first time they noticed one glaring omission: there were no lights.  How could the architect have overlooked that?

When the disappointed church leaders confronted the architect with this oversight, he calmly explained that this was no accident but intentional.  He deliberately left out the lights as a statement of challenge.  When the people gathered, each one was to bring his own lamp into the church, and then to share that light with the others, who would, in  turn, share their light with them.  The more lamps brought in, the brighter the church would be.

As we gather, we need to bring with us the light of the Holy Spirit which is the Word of God.  As we daily turn our eyes and minds to God’s Word we pick up the glow and then let that light shine before others – in the world, and especially, in Christ’s Church. 

The more faithful we are to be in the Holy Scriptures, the more light there will be in our churc.  The more faithful we are to gather and not neglect “the assembling of ourselves together,” the more light will shine forth from our church.”

2 Corinthians
3:18  And we all… beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.  For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.”