Calling all YOUTH!  Did you know that you MATTER & that God has a great plan for your life!  In fact, there is NOTHING that you could ever do that could separate you from the love of God!  He loves you that much!  And contrary to what the world says, you DO have a purpose, no matter what family you came from, what you’ve done, or what your last name is!  
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June 22nd – *Summer Activity – Movie Incredibles*
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The Whole Truth & Nothing but the Truth!

Have you ever played the game “Two Truths & 1 Lie?”  We love games in the youth group & have found ourselves playing this at various times – whether at Youth Hang-outs or as a pre-activity for youth group. The object is that the person has to say 2 truths about themselves & 1 lie about themselves & the group has to determine which is the lie.  Typically, because we know each other pretty well, we can figure out the lie from the individual rather quickly.  But sometimes, they can definitely stump us!   Although this game is fun, what if our truths that we believe are actually not God’s truths?

TRUTH – it’s a word that has lost its meaning over time.  What is black & white in the Word of God has become many different shades of gray from the World’s point of view.  This past week, we talked about truth, absolute vs. relative.  We talked about hot topics in today’s society surrounding truth.  We also talked about speaking truth in a situation that doesn’t build somebody up but rather tears them down.  The final point we came to was that God’s Word is truth & He does not water down anything in His Word.  There is no gray.  Are we not to be imitators of Christ?  Today, when you are faced with something that the world has distorted regarding God’s truth, what stance will you take?